Cultural Orientation Lecture

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  Wednesday, May 22, 2019

  Cultural Orientation LectureA History and Glimpse of the American South through Its Food, Music, and Culture

  Speaker: Sean Foley

  Time: 12:30-14:00

  Venue: Room D402

  Attendants: MOE Classes 1-4, Liuzhou Group, English-Foundation Program students, Haipei full-time staff

  Sean says: I grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is in the southeastern part of the United States. Growing up in the South brought me close to a culture that is unique within the United States and the world. One particularly unique part of the culture I grew up in is its food, which is very special to me. Aside from food, I am a huge fan of learning foreign languages. I studied German and Russian in university and have been studying Chinese for the past couple of years. I see both food and language as not only key parts of culture and identity, but also as two powerful forces that can bring people together.